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Unformatted text preview: pproach • As noted earlier, the contingency approach says there is not one single set of HR practices that suit all organizations. Rather, the organization’s business strategy suggests different kinds of HR practices: Cost Strategy Differentiation Strategy Emphasis on group contribution Emphasis on individual contribution Focus on improving processes Focus on outcomes and results Develop general employee skills Develop specific employee skills Cooperation among employees Some competition between employees Efficiency culture Innovation culture Clearly prescribed tasks Flexible tasks assignments Rules / procedures that standardize work Few rules / procedures; less standardized Internal V External Orientation Internal V External Orientation • In addition to differing on competitive strategy, organizations differ on the extent to which they develop employees’ skills within the organization . • Internal Labor Orientation – seeks to develop and promote from within and retain employees long term • External Labor Orientation – Hiring talent already trained and skilled from outside the organization • Differences between the two are summarized on the next slide Internal V External Orientation Internal V External Orientation Internal External Hiring of people early in their careers Hiring of people with existing skills Extensive orientation for new employees Limited company orientation Focus on internal promotions Focus on bringing in new tale...
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