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Unformatted text preview: job offer Be able to justify to applicants why you have chosen the selection method you have / why you ask a certain question Prepare people well for the selection process. Explain; answer questions; reassure; thank people for their time Examples Examples Let’s practice applying the 5 measures of a good selection method in small groups. The handout is called “Strategic Selection Practices” and is also saved on the L Drive in the Class Activities folder. Selection Methods Selection Methods What are some of the common methods of selecting employees? Selection Methods Selection Methods Interviews (there are many different kinds) Reference checking Background checking Practical Skills Testing Simulations Work Trial Psychometric testing Presentation Examples of work (portfolio) Selection by Interviewing Selection by Interviewing Interviews are still the most common way to select new employees. At some stage, most people will have to go through an interview to get a job. The remainder of our look at Selecting Employees Who Fit will focus on interviews and related matters The Interview The Interview • “A formal meeting during which the candidate and prospective employer ask questions and exchange information” • The company seeks the perfect match for their business and the job itself • The candidate seeks a job matched to their capabilities, interests and career goals Interview processes Interview processes • Southwest Airlines go through a 6...
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