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Unformatted text preview: s are quite subjective. Giving people one short test is less reliable than giving them two different forms of the same test. Giving people a cognitive skills test in the morning will likely get different results than giving them the test at 5pm To ensure reliability – use more than one selection method; use multiple interviewers / assessors; aggregate scores of different kinds of assessment Validity Validity Selection methods should be designed to assess people against the requirements of the job Don’t make people prepare and deliver a presentation as a selection method if the job never requires this. Don’t ask irrelevant questions in interviews. Ask questions that will identify the best person for the specific job Do not weigh past experience when reading resumes if you have decided that past experience is not important for the current role. Utility Utility Selection methods should be cost effective Don’t spend a lot of time and money selecting one person who has no particularly important...
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