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Unformatted text preview: mples for each type? Job Fit & Organizational Fit Job Fit & Organizational Fit Another consideration is whether it is important that the employee fit the job and/or the organization. Short term generalists doing very simple repetitive tasks have no need to fit the job or the organization – they can be easily trained and will soon leave anyway. Long term spets, however, need to fit the job (skills, attitudes, experience etc.) and the organization (culture, values, vision, norms, mission etc.) Selection Focus Selection Focus Finally, we need to identify the primary need the organization has of new hires: Achievement – Hiring people based on their past record of achievement and existing skills Potential ­ Hiring people based on their apparent aptitude, ability to learn, apparent fit. Dependability ­ Hiring people based on their reliability as evidenced on resume / in interview Motivation­ Hiring people based on their levels of selfmotivation and ability to be motivated Bargain Laborer External/Cost HR Strategy SHORT TERM GENERALISTS Little Need for Fit Potential and Dependability Loyal Soldier Internal/Cost HR Strategy Long Term RELATIONSHIP TYPE Short T...
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