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Unformatted text preview: week interview process • Telstra conduct activity­based group interviews • Many companies use psychometric (ability and intelligence) testing for managerial positions that can last a full day • Some ask you to prepare a task before the interview and then deliver the task • Some companies use panels of 6 or 7 people to conduct interviews Interview sequence Interview sequence • First Stage: Screening – generic questions, quick, often over the telephone or online • Second stage – formal interview at the company. Verify first stage information, to see candidate (dress, body language, attitude, confidence, manners) and to investigate the candidate’s suitability for the role • Third stage – candidate meets with more senior manager…discuss job more specifically, …talk money and availability Types of Interview Types of Interview • We will now look at different types of interview… think about which ones you have experienced and then we will see which are most common in Kazakhstan Types of Interview Types of Interview • Structured – the goal is to gather facts, identify...
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