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Typesofinterview typesofinterview

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Unformatted text preview: elf? What are your career ambitions? How will you add value to our company? How would you like to develop yourself? Describe your ideal job Types of Interview Types of Interview • Group Activity Interview – the goal is to find out how well candidates interact with other… who is a leader or follower….who is assertive, easily dominated, cooperative, argumentative, considerate, proactive, sociable, conciliatory, provocative… Candidates will have to do things in groups; the company is looking at candidate teamwork ability Group Interview – sample activity Group Interview – sample activity • Form groups of 4, choose a team leader and construct a bridge from the supplied Lego under which each team member can pass. You have 25 minutes Types of Interview Types of Interview • Panel Interview – the goal is partly to study a candidate’s reactions to questions (facial expressions; body language; pauses etc.). A panel of 5 or 6 people will ‘see’ a lot more than just 1 or 2 interviewers. A wider range of opinions and more data from an interview helps to better identify the best candidate for the job Types of Interview Types of Interview • Stress Interview – Not used much (thank God)...
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