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Unformatted text preview: but here the goal is to unsettle the candidate, make them uncomfortable…the purpose is to see how well they handle anger, frustration, stress and the unexpected. It is sometimes used for jobs where such situations occur often. Candidates may be interrupted a lot, criticized, asked rude questions, spoken to in unfriendly manner. Types of Interview Types of Interview • Situational Interview – Here the goal is to see how a candidate would handle tough situations. Interviewers describe a work situation and the candidate must explain what they would do in that situation. Situational interviews test logic, thinking processes, organizational skills, innovation, leadership skills approach to others, prioritizing etc. Situational interview ­ scenario Situational interview ­ scenario • Imagine you lead a team where one person is not a team player and is unsettling others with poor behaviors. How would you address the situation? • Imagine you have made a mess of a financial statement your boss is about to present to the executive team. What would you do? Types of Interview Types of Interview • Behavioral Interview...
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