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Unformatted text preview: erm Strategic Employee Selection Strategic Employee Selection LONG TERM GENERALISTS Need for organizational fit Potential and Motivation Free Agent External/Differentiation HR Strategy SHORT TERM SPETS Need for Job Fit Achievement Committed Expert Internal/Differentiation HR Strategy LONG TERM SPETS Need for Organization & Job Fit Potential for Specific Expertise Generalist Spe t TALENT TYPE What Makes A Selection Method What Makes A Selection Method Good? What makes a selection method good? Take the example of selecting employees using interviews. What, from the organizational perspective, is the difference between good interviews and bad interviews? What Makes A Selection Method What Makes A Selection Method Good? 5 important measures of any selection method are: Reliability Validity Utility Legality / Fairness Acceptability Reliability Reliability Selection methods can be unreliableā€¦ If 3 people interview one person it is likely they will rate that person differently. Interview...
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