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Unformatted text preview: role to fill. Don’t cut costs if trying to hire 20 people who will be an important part of realizing business goals Identify the salary of the role you are filling, the criticality of the role, the desired tenure of the successful candidate, what really needs to be assessed... And then choose the most cost­effective selection method(s) based on this information Legality/Fairness Legality/Fairness Selection methods must be legal and fair to all applicants You must ask all applicants the same questions. Do not ask questions that will favor / disadvantage one particular group unless the question is critical to the role (culturally biased IQ tests; English ability etc.) Be flexible so that mothers, people with disabilities, people working night shifts etc. can attend a selection event Check your questions and selection methods are legal You must give all applicants exactly the same information / instructions for selection events Acceptability Acceptability Selection methods must be acceptable to candidates: Applicants should perceive the selection process in a positive light. Do not make selection unreasonably tough or demanding; the applicants may see the organization negatively and tell others / refuse a...
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