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Unformatted text preview: asons including poor performance; breach of contract • Merger with another company and restructure means some jobs disappear • Technological advances – machines replace people • Downsizing – business contracts during a recession • Outsourcing – work is sent outside of the organization such as manufacturing sent offshore to China Separation Separation Organizations can be too quick to retrench (downsize) their workforce during tough times. It is a simple action with immediate results. However, it is often perceived poorly by the public and causes much resentment and disillusionment inside the organization. There are alternatives to retrenching workers. Can you think of any? Alternatives to Downsizing Alternatives to Downsizing Better long­term workforce planning Voluntary retirements & retrenchment Hiring freezes and/or Spending restrictions Budget cuts (privileges; luxuries; purchases) Cut overtime / freeze pay rises Job sharing Reduced working hours Increase productivity More employees on contracts Across the board pay cut Minimize the Negative Effects of Minimize the Negative Effects of Retrenchment Action Description Develop a strategy Plan the process for communicating information Appraise level of controversy Assess how employees are likely to react Evaluate legal issues Incorporate legal advice into plans for announcing layoffs Determine how culture, climate and rumors will affect the timing and content of the announcement Understand rumors and seek to control informal information Tailor messages so that appropriate information is given to different stakeholders such as employees; shareholders; media etc. Select one, senior spokesperson to make announcements e.g. CEO Preserve trust and credibility by informing employees Evaluate organizational history Recognize the grapevine Consider multiple announcements Select spokesperson Announce to employees first Disciplining Employees Disciplining Employees • You are a manager and you need to discipline one of your team members who has a very bad attitude; is often late to work and whose work is poor quality. • You are now preparing for the first meeting with the employee on this matter where you will address these issues and issue a punishment. – How will you prepare for the meeting; what do you need? How and where will you conduct the meeting? What kind of punishments are available to you? Disciplining Employees Disciplining Employees • When disciplining employees we sh...
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