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Unformatted text preview: teamwork and employee involvement 3. caring and compassionate climate Improving Your Performance Improving Your Performance What 3 things could be improved at KIMEP that would likely have a positive impact on student performance? Performance Management Performance Management Systems There is a lot of evidence that Performance Management Systems (the combined tools, procedures, policies and processes that an organization uses to conduct performance reviews) and the Performance Appraisal (the meeting between appraiser and employee to evaluate performance) have many serious flaws. A meta­analysis of 450 articles on Performance Management published between 1980 and 2006 identified 9 significant and recurring problems… Failure 1 Failure 1 Rater Bias: Interpersonal Many studies have found appraisals engender homopilious behavior – the appraiser rewards people most like themselves or people they like. The appraisal process becomes derailed: instead of the best being recognized and rewarded, the status quo is reinforced and managers elevate those in their own image. Exercise Exercise To demonstrate Rater Bias we will do a couple of activities. These activities are also on the L Drive in the Class Activities folder. They are listed as “Performance Management Activiti...
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