Failure4 failure4 managercentricappraisalmethods

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Unformatted text preview: es” Failure 2 Failure 2 Rater Bias: Environmental Company politics, organizational culture, physical environment, corporate history and industry sector color appraisal outcomes Subjectivity is hijacked by a range of contextual factors that influence the judgments of the appraiser and are out of the control of those being appraised. We grade according to what the company values. Failure 3 Failure 3 Lack of Appraiser Training Few organizations train managers how to conduct performance appraisals, especially regarding ‘people skills’ Appraisals are inconsistently applied across the organization making any data unreliable for the purposes of business planning. Failure to train managers how to properly conductappraisals sells employees (and the business) short. Failure 4 Failure 4 Manager­centric Appraisal Methods Research shows that appraisals are commonly manager dominated precluding equal input, collaboration and participation in the process at the cost of the appraised. Power imbalances cause appraisals to be dictated affairs whereby the manager sets expectations and the employee responds to them. Employee needs / hopes go unmet. Failure 5 Failure 5 Appraisal Decentralization The validity, intent and integrity of appraisals become fractured and unreliable whe...
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