Intrinsic senseofpurpose selfworth satisfaction

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Unformatted text preview: nces is much harder than we often like to think • Judging the outcome does not tell us about the effort, care, attitude contributed to the finished job Can performance be bought? Can performance be bought? Performance ladder theory: Pay = performance Desired but unrealistic performance on rn tu e R ing t otn N ala me $ sc st e ve in True value of money Top performance for a given individual $ Return on investment Moderate performance What Motivates Performance? What Motivates Performance? INTRINSIC • • • • • • • • Sense of purpose Self­worth Satisfaction Apply skills To be stimulated To be challenged To develop and learn To do good work EXTRINSIC Salary Rewards Recognition Praise To buy things To invest for retirement Improved status Job title / power Complete programs Components of Performance Components of Performance Enabling Employee Enabling Employee Performance Commitment Challenge areas Zone Strategic 1. supportive business strategies, 2. top management values / ethics commitment, 3. effective voice for HR strategy in corporate gov. Functional 1. staffing is adequate, 2. good investment in learning and development, 3. contingent pay reinforces cooperation, participation and contribution Workplace 1. broad task design 2....
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