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Unformatted text preview: t good enoughs’ every 12 months runs counter to everyone’s best interests. Failure 9 Failure 9 360 Degree Reviews Research has shown that 360 degree appraisals have exacerbated appraisal unreliability not made it more rigorous. 360’s have simply introduced a further layer of subjectivity and bias. True, they have collected more information – all of which is essentially worthless and unusable. CEI 2006 Performance Survey CEI 2006 Performance Survey In 2006, Corporate Excellence International conducted a major survey on performance appraisals in four countries. In all, 466 HR managers responded to the survey: Australia 137 (34.25%); Canada 120 (30%); England 111 (27.75%); USA 98 (24.5%). Survey Findings Survey Findings • 96% of respondents indicated their company has a formal appraisal process • 80.5% said their company has standard forms for appraising employees • 44.5% said managers complete appraisals on time and consistently • 69.5% said their appraisal process makes managers assess staff fairly and equally • 49.5% said that their appraisals seek to clearly establish how well staff have performed Survey Findings cont. Survey Findings cont. • 45% said their appraisal process has clear, objective criteria to assess the level of a person’s performance • 16% said their managers are formally traine...
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