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Unformatted text preview: ebrate success and learn from experience Culture – Industry Examples Culture – Industry Examples Centrica • • • • Think Team Have Respect Listen and Share Deliver Results Culture – Industry Examples Culture – Industry Examples The B&Q Work Ethic We work hard The B&Q Family Total Involvement Proud to be Here We can do oWinning through hard work oWe are well rewarded oA job worth doing oReal job satisfaction oBelonging oSupporting and encouraging each other oReal teamwork oFun to be with oKnow where B&Q is headed oKnow where I fit in oMy voice is heard oMy contribution is valued oI can grow oProud of B&Q oProud of our success oProud of my store oPride in my team oPride I my personal growth oProud of my career oProud to be a professional in my job oProud to grow, be rewarded and make an impact oDrive, energy and passion oFocused on achieving oIndividual and team rewards oLead and not follow B&Q Home ware Stores UK External Environment External Environment The external environment is hard to change or influence. But it is a reality we must work with. We must: work toward our strengths, find strategies to combat challenges and look to exploit opportunities. External Environment External Environment What is it? Globalization and competition Employment trends (such as the skills shortage) Demographic trends (movement of people, ageing & retirements) • Market rates of pay • Employment legislation, industrial relations framework and taxation law • • • Case Study Case Study • To review this section on the operating environment and its impact on compensation and benefits we will look at a case study “Compensation & Benefits Case 1: Utopia Cosmetics” • The case is saved in the Class Activities folder on the L Drive. Total Rewards Total Rewards Definition of total rewards: Total rewards is an approach to C&B that “includes all types of rewards – indirect and direct, intrinsic as well as extrinsic’’. This means base pay, contingent pay, benefits and non­ financial rewards are linked together, treated holistically and seen as a whole. Total reward includes everything the employee values in the employment relationship. Total Rewards Total Rewards Aims of tota...
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