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medicalexaminations givenlastastheycanbecostly

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Unformatted text preview: yers should have specific guidelines for how they will use the information. Decision Criteria Decision Criteria The hiring official will determine on a case­by­case basis whether the individual is qualified based on factors such as: Specific duties of the position; Number of offenses; Nature of each offense; Length of time intervening between the offense and the employment decision; Employment history; Efforts at rehabilitation; and Accuracy of the information that the individual provided on the employment application Background Investigations Background Investigations (cont.) Medical Examinations Given last as they can be costly. Ensure that the health of an applicant is adequate to meet the job requirements. Provides a baseline for subsequent examinations ADA requires all exams be job­related and conducted after an employment offer is made. Testing for illegal drugs is allowed. Drug Testing Drug Testing Drug­Free Workplace Act of 1988 Testing for illegal drugs is r...
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