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Unformatted text preview: Criminal records Motor vehicle records Credit check Military records Negligent Hiring Negligent Hiring The person causing harm was an employee. The person was incompetent (rather than a competent employee acting negligently). Employer knew or should have known about the incompetence. Injury or harm was a foreseeable consequence of hiring the incompetent employee. Hiring of the unfit employee was proximate cause of the injury or harm. Reference Checks Reference Checks Telephone, mail, and e­mail checks Specific job­related information Letters of reference Online computerized databases Privacy Act of 1974 Requires signed requests for reference letters and signed consent to background checks. Applies to both educational and private employers. Employee Polygraph Protection Employee Polygraph Protection Act (1988) Use of “lie detectors” is largely prohibited. Act requires qualified examiners. Act requires disclosure of i...
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