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Unformatted text preview: 42 Assessment centers 3.42 Specific aptitude tests 3.08 Personality tests 2.93 General cognitive ability tests 2.89 Biographical information blanks 2.84 Unstructured interview < 1.00 Common Background Checks Common Background Checks “Screening­out” Devices Drug testing Urinalysis vs. RIAH (Hair testing) ADA prohibits pre­employment screening for alcohol Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 Background checks Conducted at 25% of employers Depends on the job – e.g. cash handling, children. Signed consent to background or credit checks. Fair Credit Reporting Act Family Educational Rights Privacy Act Privacy Act of 1974 Employee Polygraph Protection Act (1988) Background Checks Background Checks Negligent hiring The failure of an organization to discover, via due diligence, that an employee it hired had the propensity to do harm to others Sources of Information Social Security verification Past employment Educational verification...
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