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Unformatted text preview: questions are used in hiring More is not necessarily better Different applications for different jobs Instructions and Disclaimers Improve validity through weighted applications (WAB’s) Online Applications Online Applications An Internet­based automated posting, application, and tracking process helps firms to more quickly fill positions by: Attracting a broader and more diverse applicant pool Collecting and mining resumes with keyword searches to identify qualified candidates Conducting screening tests online Reducing recruiting costs significantly Resumes Resumes Applicant controls the information Jobs and education should be verified Many examples of fraud or omission Up to 50% contain some inaccuracy One question honesty test Requirements for education and experiences should be job­related. Biodata Inventories Biodata Inventories Generally reliable and valid Series of questions on a wide variety of subjects Background (e.g. hobbies, jobs, and education) Situational questions Personalit...
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