Political Science Test Review

Political Science Test Review - Causes of war-...

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Unformatted text preview: Causes of war- Just-war-theory- what justifies going to war NGO’s- al-quida, etc causing differences Functionalists, idealists, realists, radicalists Realists- national interests, power Liberals- functionalist POV System, state, individual levels Cause of N. Korea crisis- British supreme court vs. US Supreme Court system- vocab- Adversarial (American) vs. inquisitorial (British) Common law, stare decisis (let previous court decision stand) Bipolar vs. unipolar system Bipolar- world is divided into “poles”-WWII Significance- Tells about how the international system is working French prefer multi-polar world where France plays a role. Cold war theories- Ind .- Gorbachev, Reagan, State- expansion of the USSR, arms race, trying to get Afghanistan, going into Cuba and China, façade that’s internally hurting the state, System- Bipolar world no longer could be maintained when leadership was changing- arms race WWII- Eisenhower, Mussolini, Hitler Warsaw, 1 st world, 2 nd world, 3 rd world...
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Political Science Test Review - Causes of war-...

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