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Unformatted text preview: ion Evaluation Phase 1: Conducting the Needs Phase 1: Conducting the Needs Assessment Organization Analysis Task Analysis An examination of the environment, strategies, and resources of the organization to determine where training emphasis should be placed. The process of determining what the content of a training program should be on the basis of a study of the tasks and duties involved in the job. Person Analysis A determination of the specific individuals who need training. Needs Analysis Needs Analysis Organizational Analysis: Strategic Direction / Managerial Support / Resources Skills Requirements •Current jobs •Future initiatives Employee Skills •Current Employees •New Hires Phase 2: Designing the Training Phase 2: Designing the Training Program Issues in training design Issues in training design Instructional objectives Instructional objectives Trainee readiness and motivation Trainee readiness and motivation Principles of learning Principles of learning Phase 2: Designing the Training Phase 2: Designing the Training Program Instructional Objectives Represent the desired outcomes of a training program Performance­centered objectives Provide a basis for choosing methods and materials an...
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