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Camera Raw Guide

Camera Raw Guide - O pening and Editing Images in Adobe...

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Opening and Editing Images in Adobe Camera Raw Editing in Camera Raw is non-destructive, meaning it does not change any information in your file. This is why we want to do as much editing as possible in Camera Raw before we open our images in Photoshop. 1. Open up Adobe Bridge 2. Double click on the folder where you have saved your image files. 3. Double click on a specific image or single click on an image and hit Command R or select File>Open in Camera Raw—Your image will then open in Camera Raw. 4. Go into full screen mode by hitting the F key.
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5. Make adjustments to your image! White Balance options a. Use presets to adjust color temperature. b. Use Temperature/Tint sliders. c. Use White Balance Tool (eye dropper) and select a neutral color in your photograph. Exposure options a. Move dial to the right and it makes image brighter (as if you are letting more light into your camera). b. Move dial to the left and it makes the image darker (as if you are letting less light into your camera).
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