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Unformatted text preview: , then then a compressive force is generated in the rod. ► The magnitude of this compressive force is equal to required force to return the rod from its free expansion back to its constrained condition (compatibility condition). δT = -PTL/AE -P L/AE so PT = α(ΔT)AE so ► The compressive stress is given by: σ = -α(ΔT)E T)E Thermal Effects Thermal Effects ► Note: Temperature induced stresses can be significant in many situations. Temperature increases result in positive strains. Thermal strains are reversible except in situations where a material undergoes phase transformation in microstructure. Thermal expansion does not produce forces in a statically determinate structure. Thermal expansion does not necessarily create thermal stresses in a statically indeterminate system. Stresses are created if...
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