Idand20mmodebr100 gpatheboltissubjectedtoa20kn

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Unformatted text preview: blems ► Another example comparing statically determinate versus indeterminate problem. ► Equilibrium RA – P + RB = 0 ► Compatibility δAB + δBC = 0 Statically Indeterminate Axial Problems Statically Indeterminate Axial Problems ► Substitute the compatibility results into the equilibrium equations ► In addition, ► Note: Material properties are included in the solution! Statically determinate problems are independent of material properties. Example Example ► Prob. 4­53. A 10mm. steel bolt (Est = 200 GPa) is surrounded by bronze sleeve with 10 mm. ID and 20mm. OD(Ebr = 100 GPa). The bolt is subjected to a 20 kN load, determine the normal stresses in the bolt and sleeve Superposition Superposition ► ► The principle of superposition allows forces to be broken up into components and the resulting displa...
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