Thebearingstressresolves itselfintoanaverageor

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Unformatted text preview: . Determine the displacement of end A w.r.t. end D given the diameters are dAB = 0.75in., dCD = 1.00in., and Ecu = 18,000 ksi. St. Venant’s Principle St. Venant’s Principle ► ► ► When we apply a concentrated load on a the surface of a rectangular column, we expect that there is a bearing stress at the contact point. The “bearing stress” resolves itself into an average (or uniform) axial load (compression in the case shown) at a certain distance from the contact area. St. Venant’s principle states that the uniform stress distribution occurs at a distance of bar width, b, from the contact point. St. Venant’s Principle St. Venant’s Principle ► ► In general, it does matter what type of loading occurs (concentrated or distributed), as long as move at least a distance equal to the largest dimension away fro...
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