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Oftenstructuralelementssuch asanglesandchannelare

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Unformatted text preview: Ch. 11) ► ► ► ► Beams are defined are slender members that carry load perpendicular to their primary axis. Columns carry loads in the axial direction. Shafts transmit rotational loads (torsion) along their length. Beams and shafts are often selected on basis of strength. This is the ability of the beam to resist internal shear and normal stresses. Beam Design Beam Design ► ► Since more than one type of loading is present in the beam, the overall stress element must be developed for the section. Transformation equations or Mohr’s Circle is normally utilized for complete stress analysis. Section Modulus Section Modulus Design for strength requires that the normal stress not exceed the defined allowable stress (yield/F.S.). ► A term called the Section Modulus combines the flexure formula with the maximum distance from the neutral axis (y =c). ► ► Normal engineeri...
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