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Product Placement : Arrangements are made between a manufacturer and a producer by which a product appears in a motion picture or on a television show as a prop or background. Examples: Reese’s Pieces in ET , Pepsi in many movies, like Pretty Woman , Cars: AMC cars used in James Bond movies, GM Cars in Bad Boys 2 , Fords used on TV in 24 and X-Files . Infomercials: Direct Mail: Consumer vs Business to Business Ads. Consumer advertising: advertising aimed at the general population. Objective is to create a desire to purchase the product or service. These ads cater to emotions/desires. Business to Business advertising: aimed at people who buy or influence purchases of products for business use. Most advertisements tend to be technical and complex in nature and the products are high priced. Target audience is much smaller compared to consumer advertising. Buyers will often be professionals whose only job is to acquire products and services.
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Unformatted text preview: This type of advertising uses a rational approach appealing to the value of the product to the business. Public Service Advertising (PSAs): support nonprofit organizations. Time and space is provided free as a service to the public by print and broadcast media. It is used to solicit contributions of time or money. Some examples: PBS stations, Red Cross, Unicef, American Cancer Society. Image Advertising: designed to enhance the image of a company, product, or service. Examples: Paper companies working to preserve forests, beer commercials targeting drinking responsibly. State and Municipal Advertising: Promotes specific municipalities and states as attractive places to live, work, or to visit. Examples: “”Virginia is for Lovers” and “I Love N.Y.” Terms: Viral advertising Target audience Primary demand ad Selective demand ad Direct action ad Indirect action ad Marketing Ad campaign Positioning...
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