If y ou are los ing c us tomers to a c ompetitor

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Unformatted text preview: y ou are los ing c us tomers to a c ompetitor, that’s a c lear indic ation that y ou s hould improve y our unders tanding of y our c us tomers . W hat is CRM? W hat is the goal of CRM? That s ounds ros y . How does it happen? Are there any indic ations of the need for a CRM projec t? How long will it tak e to get CRM in plac e? How muc h does CRM c os t? W hat are advantages of hos ted or on-demand CRM vs . on-premis e and vic e vers a? W hat are the k ey s to s uc c es s ful CRM implentation? W hic h divis ion s hould run the CRM projec t? W hat c aus es CRM projec ts to fail? W hat indus tries are leading the way in CRM implementations ? W hic h indus try is behind the c urve? Ho w lo n g will it take to g e t CRM in p lace ? It depends . If y ou dec ide to go with a hos ted CRM s olution from an applic ation s ervic e provider and y ou are planning to us e the s oftware for a s pec ific department lik e s ales , the deploy ment s hould be relatively quic k – perhaps 30-90 day s . However, if y ou are deploy ing either a hos ted applic ation or an on-premis e http://www.cio.com/ar ticle/pr int/40295 2/4 1/28/2014 CRM Definition and Solutions pac k age (involving the purc has e of s oftware lic ens es upfront) on an enterpris e-wide bas is (that involves different departments lik e s ales , mark eting and operations ), y ou s hould ex pec t the implementation and training to tak e months , if not y ears . The time it tak es to put together a well-c onc eived CRM projec t depends on the c omplex ity of the projec t and its c omponents and how well y ou manage the projec t. Ho w mu ch d o e s CRM co st? Again it depends . A hos ted s ales automation applic ation c an c os t between $65 and $150 a month for a bas ic s ales automation pac k age. If y ou want more s ophis tic ated func tionality and a greater level of s upport, y ou pay a lot more. An enterpris e on-premis e CRM pac k age c an c os t any where between s everal thous and to s everal millions of dollars , depending again on how many func tions y ou purc has e and how many c omputers or “s eats ” have ac c es s to the s oftwar...
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