In fac t its bes t for the bus ines s departments who

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Unformatted text preview: or one group to run. In fac t, it’s bes t for the bus ines s departments who ac tually us e the s oftware to tak e owners hip of the projec t, with IT and the CIO play ing an important advis ory role. Wh at cau se s CRM p r o je cts to fail? Many things . From the beginning, lac k of a c ommunic ation between every one in the c us tomer relations hip c hain c an lead to an inc omplete pic ture of the c us tomer. Poor c ommunic ation c an lead to tec hnology being implemented without proper s upport or buy -in from us ers . For ex ample, if the s ales forc e is n't c ompletely s old on the s y s tem's benefits , they may not input the k ind of demographic data that is es s ential to the program's s uc c es s . One Fortune 500 c ompany is on its fourth try at a CRM implementation, bec aus e it did not do a good job at getting buy -in from its s ale forc e beforehand and then training s ales s taff onc e the s oftware was available. Wh at in d u str ie s ar e le ad in g th e way in CRM imp le me n tatio n s? As in mos t leading-edge tec hnology implementations , the financ ial s ervic es and telec ommunic ations indus tries s et the pac e in CRM. Other indus tries are on the CRM bandwagon inc lude c ons umer goods mak ers and retailers and high tec h firms . Wh ich in d u str y is b e h in d th e cu r v e ? Heavy manufac turing. As a rule, the further an indus try is away from the end c us tomer, the les s important CRM is . © 2013 CXO Media Inc . ticle/pr int/40295 4/4...
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