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Unformatted text preview: e total U.S. CRM mark et. [For more on on-demand vs on-premis e, read "The Truth about On-Demand CRM."] W hat is CRM? W hat is the goal of CRM? That s ounds ros y . How does it happen? Are there any indic ations of the need for a CRM projec t? How long will it tak e to get CRM in plac e? How muc h does CRM c os t? W hat are advantages of hos ted or on-demand CRM vs . on-premis e and vic e vers a? W hat are the k ey s to s uc c es s ful CRM implentation? W hic h divis ion s hould run the CRM projec t? W hat c aus es CRM projec ts to fail? W hat indus tries are leading the way in CRM implementations ? W hic h indus try is behind the c urve? Wh at ar e th e ke ys to su cce ssfu l CRM imp le n tatio n ? Develop y our c us tomer-foc us ed s trategy firs t before c ons idering what k ind of tec hnology y ou need. Break y our CRM projec t down into manageable piec es by s etting up pilot programs and s hortterm miles tones . Start with a pilot projec t that inc orporates all the nec es s ary departments but is s mall enough and flex ible enough to allow tink ering along the way . Mak e s ure y our CRM plans inc lude a s c alable arc hitec ture framework . Think c arefully about what is bes t for y our enterpris e: a s olution that ties together “bes t of breed” s oftware from s everal vendors via W eb Servic es or an integrated pac k age of s oftware from one vendor. Don't underes timate how muc h data y ou might c ollec t (there will be LOTS) and mak e s ure that if y ou need to ex pand s y s tems y ou'll be able to. http://www.cio.com/ar ticle/pr int/40295 3/4 1/28/2014 CRM Definition and Solutions Be thoughtful about what data is c ollec ted and s tored. The impuls e will be to grab and then s tore EVERY piec e of data y ou c an, but there is often no reas on to s tore data. Storing us eles s data was tes time and money . Wh ich d iv isio n sh o u ld r u n th e CRM p r o je ct? The bigges t returns c ome from aligning bus ines s , CRM and IT s trategies ac ros s all departments and not jus t leaving it f...
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