ERP Disasters, Dustups and Disappointments

after a c ouple of tens e day s and week s however

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Unformatted text preview: e they didn't k now where to go." After a c ouple of tens e day s and week s , however, every one eventually got their c hec k s and c las s s c hedules . 5. W a ste Ma na ge m e nt Tra she s Its "Fa ke " ERP Softw a re Garbage-dis pos al giant W as te Management is s till embroiled in an ac rimonious $100 million legal battle with SAP over an 18-month ins tallation of its ERP s oftware. The initial deal began in 2005, but the legal s aga c ommenc ed in Marc h 2008, when W as te Management filed s uit and c laimed SAP ex ec utives partic ipated in a fraudulent s ales s c heme that res ulted in the mas s ive failure. Several months later, SAP fired bac k , c laiming that W as te Management allegedly violated its c ontrac tual agreement with SAP in s everal way s , inc luding by "failing to timely and ac c urately define its bus ines s requirements ," and not providing "s uffic ient, k nowledgeable, dec is ion-empowered us ers and managers " to work on the projec t. In the fall 2008, ac c us ations were s till fly ing about doc umentati...
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