ERP Disasters, Dustups and Disappointments

All of this drama is in fac t c reating a nas ty and

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Unformatted text preview: utives . All of this drama is , in fac t, c reating a nas ty and very real ERP bac k las h. Cons ider CIO.c om's brief and s emi-c hronologic al his tory of 10 ERP s c andals as a warning if y ou're c ontemplating an upgrade or implementation. 1. De finite ly Not a Sw e e t Ex pe rie nce for He rshe y Could a failed tec hnology implementation (in this c as e SAP's R/3 ERP s oftware) tak e down a Fortune 500 c ompany (in this c as e Hers hey Foods )? W ell, it c ertainly didn't help Hers hey 's operations during the Halloween s eas on in 1999 or mak e W all Street inves tors thrilled. In the end, Hers hey 's ghas tly problems with its SAP ERP, Siebel CRM and Manugis tic s s upply c hain applic ations prevented it from delivering $100 million worth of Kis s es for Halloween that y ear and c aus ed the s toc k to dip 8 perc ent. So I gues s a failed tec hnology projec t c an't ac tually tak e down a Fortune 500 c ompany for good, but it c an c ertainly k noc k it around a bit. 2. Just Do It: Fix Our Supply Cha in S...
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