ERP Disasters, Dustups and Disappointments

And that propos ed 18 month implementation now s

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Unformatted text preview: on, depos itions and delay s in bringing the c as e before a judge. And that propos ed 18-month implementation now s ounds lik e a dream s c enario. 6. The Curious Ca se of Ora cle Fusion Applica tions Bac k in January 2006, Orac le boas ted that it was halfway through the Fus ion Applic ations development proc es s . You might remember the hy pe about Fus ion Apps : a k iller enterpris e applic ation s uite that c ombines the bes t features and func tionalities tak en from Orac le's ex pans ive E-Bus ines s Suite, J.D. Edwards , PeopleSoft and Siebel produc t lines . Orac le's mas ter plan was to "build the nex t-generation of applic ations that are c ompletely s tandard." More than three y ears later, we're all s till waiting for the firs t generation of Orac le's s uite of Fus ion Apps . Gues s what? W e'll have to wait s ome more. How does 2010 s ound? 7. Ora cle , SAP a nd a Little Com pa ny Na m e d Tom orrow Now If enterpris e s oftware maintenanc e was n't s o boring, the details of this s ordid s tory...
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