ERP Disasters, Dustups and Disappointments

Heres a brief s ummary in 2005 sap bought tomorrownow

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Unformatted text preview: would mak e Holly wood produc ers fight over the rights to s hoot this movie. Here's a brief s ummary : In 2005, SAP bought TomorrowNow (TN), a s mall c ompany that provides ERP s oftware maintenanc e and s ervic es for Orac le's ERP produc ts —at 50 perc ent off Orac le's pric es . Of c ours e, TN's s ervic es c ould work equally as well for SAP's produc ts (but we were s uppos ed to ignore that). W e have c ome to find out that not every one at SAP thought the TomorrowNow ac quis ition was a good idea. Flas h forward to 2007: Orac le alleges that SAP (via TN) "has c ompiled an illegal library of Orac le's c opy righted s oftware c ode and other materials ." A nas ty laws uit unfolded (and is s till going s trong) and SAP abruptly s hut down TN in 2008. Meanwhile, a former TN c ofounder (Seth Ravin) formed his own TN-lik e c ompany (Rimini Street) and has been s c ooping up all the former TN bus ines s . And, oh by the way , in addition to the Orac le ERP produc ts his c ompany already s ervic es , he's going to s t...
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