ERP Disasters, Dustups and Disappointments

The projec t eventually c os t hp 160 million in

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Unformatted text preview: ppen at onc e. The projec t eventually c os t HP $160 million in order bac k logs and los t revenue—more than five times the projec t's es timated c os t. Said Gilles Bouc hard, then-CIO of HP's global operations : "W e had a s eries of s mall problems , none of whic h individually would have been too muc h to handle. But together they c reated the perfec t s torm." 4. A Ne w Type of Fre shm a n Ha z ing Pity the c ollege fres hman at the Univers ity of Mas s ac hus etts in fall 2004: The las t thing they needed was s ome c omputer program to haunt their lives and mak e their new c ollegiate ex perienc e even more unc ertain. But more than 27,000 s tudents at the Univers ity of Mas s ac hus etts as well as Stanford and Indiana Univers ity were forc ed to do battle with buggy portals and ERP applic ations that left them at bes t unable to find their c las s es and at wors t unable to c ollec t their financ ial aid c hec k s . Said one UMas s s enior at the time: "The fres hmen were going c raz y bec aus...
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