ERP Disasters, Dustups and Disappointments

ERP Disasters Dustups and Disappointments

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Unformatted text preview: remis e, traditional ERP s y s tems —des pite aggravating integration and highc os t headac hes . The res ults weren't that s urpris ing. CIOs have been reluc tant to tak e c hanc es s toring the s ens itive data (ac c ounting, HR, s upply c hain) c ontained in their ERP s y s tems in another c ompany 's data c enter. In the s urvey , jus t 9 perc ent of res pondents reported us ing an alternative ERP model, whic h inc luded SaaS applic ations . That was then. This is now: SaaS ERP providers s uc h as NetSuite have ex perienc ed greater ac c eptanc e of their hous e-y our-ERP-data-offs ite models , whic h in turn has allowed them to go from ups tart to indus try play er. 10. A Le ge nda ry "Moon" on the High Se a s The details of the infamous "mooning" between SAP's Has s o Plattner and Orac le's Larry Ellis on have bec ome s tuff of urban legend. So what ac tually did happen? W ell, during the 1996 Kenwood Cup s ailing rac e, Ellis on's s ailing c rew reportedly ignored Plattner's wounded s ailing y ac ht (whic h had a brok en mas t and bloodied c rew member). Plattner did admit to mooning Ellis on's c rew ("I lowered my pants ," he told Sailing W orld) for not helping with his injured c rew member and battered y ac ht. But, alas , Ellis on was not aboard that y ac ht. SAP and Orac le haven't s topped battling it out—on land or on water—s inc e. © 2013 CXO Media Inc . ticle/pr int/486284 3/3...
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