ERP Disasters, Dustups and Disappointments

W hat did a 400 million upgrade to nik es s upply c

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Unformatted text preview: yste m ! W hat did a $400 million upgrade to Nik e's s upply c hain and ERP s y s tems get the world-renowned s hoeand athletic gear-mak er? W ell, for s tarters , $100 million in los t s ales , a 20 perc ent s toc k dip and a c ollec tion of c las s -ac tion laws uits . This was all bac k in 2000, and the horrendous res ults were due to a bold ERP, s upply c hain and CRM projec t that aimed to upgrade the s y s tems into one s upers tar s y s tem. Nik e's tale is both of woe and warning. 3. HP's "Pe rfe ct Storm " of ERP Proble m s The epic tale of HP's c entraliz ation of its dis parate North Americ an ERP s y s tems onto one SAP s y s tem ticle/pr int/486284 1/3 1/29/2014 10 Famous ERP Disaster s, Dustups and Disappointments proves that one c an never be too pes s imis tic when it c omes to ERP projec t management. You s ee, in 2004, HP's projec t managers k new all of the things that c ould go wrong with their ERP rollout. But they jus t didn't plan for s o many of them to ha...
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