Supply Chain Management Definition and Solutions

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Unformatted text preview: c eive pay ments . 5. Re turn—This c an be a problematic part of the s upply c hain for many c ompanies . Supply c hain planners have to c reate a res pons ive and flex ible network for rec eiving defec tive and ex c es s produc ts bac k from their c us tomers and s upporting c us tomers who have problems with delivered produc ts .. For a more detailed outline of thes e s teps , c hec k out the nonprofit Supply -Chain Counc il's webs ite. What doe s supply chain manage me nt software do? RELATED LINKS How W al-Mart Los t Its Tec hnology Edge Nintendo W ii Shortage: Shrewd Mark eting or Flawed Supply Chain? Apple's Network ing and Supply Chain Mis tak es Tak e a Bite Out of Its Shine How ConAgra's Pot Pie Rec all Bak es In Hard Les s ons for Supply Chain Management Nik e Rebounds : How (and W hy ) Nik e Rec overed from Its Supply Chain Dis as ter How Coty Tac k led Pos t-Merger Supply Chain Integration NEW SLETTERS Enterpris e Applic ations Enterpris e Res ourc e Planning Supply c hain management s oftware is pos s ibly the mos t frac tured group of s oftware applic ations on the planet. Eac h of the five major s upply c hain s teps previous ly outlined is c ompris ed of doz ens of s pec ific tas k s , many of whic h have their own s pec ific s oftware. Some vendors have as s embled many of thes e different c hunk s of s oftware together under a s ingle roof, but no one has a c omplete pac k age that is right for every c ompany . For ex ample, mos t c ompanies need to trac k demand, s upply , manufac turing s tatus , logis tic s (i.e. where things are in the s upply c hain), and dis tribution. They als o need to s hare data with s upply c hain partners at an ever inc reas ing rate. W hile produc ts from large ERP vendors lik e SAP's Advanc ed Planner and Optimiz er (APO) c an perform many or all of thes e tas k s , bec aus e eac h indus try 's s upply c hain has a unique s et of c hallenges , many c ompanies dec ide to go with targeted bes t of breed produc ts ins tead, even if s ome integration is an inevitable c ons equenc e. It's worth mentioning that the old adage about s y s tems only being as good as the information that they c ontain applies doubly to SCM. If the information entered into a demand forec as ting applic ation is not ac c urate, then y ou will get an inac c urate forec as t. Similarly , if employ ees by pas s the s upply c hain s y s tems and try to manage things manually (us ing the fax mac hine or s preads heets ), then even the mos t ex pens ive s y s tems will provide an inc omplete pic ture of what is happening in a c ompany 's s upply c hain. W hat W hat W hat W hat W hat is s upply c hain management? does s upply c hain s oftware do? is the relations hip between ERP, CRM and SCM? is the goal of s upply c hain management s oftware? is s upply c hain c ollaboration? ticle/pr int/40940 2/7 1/28/2014 Supply Chain M anag ement Definition and Solutions W hat are the roadbloc k s to ins talling s upply c ha...
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