Supply Chain Management Definition and Solutions

W hat does s upply c hain s oftware do w hat is the

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Unformatted text preview: ergy effic ienc y mandates . W al-Mart's s uppliers would even have to attes t that their s uppliers rec eived high ratings on environmental and s oc ial prac tic es . W hat is s upply c hain management? W hat does s upply c hain s oftware do? W hat is the relations hip between ERP, CRM and SCM? W hat is the goal of s upply c hain management s oftware? W hat is s upply c hain c ollaboration? W hat are the roadbloc k s to ins talling s upply c hain s oftware? W hat is the ex tended s upply c hain? W hat is the impac t of globaliz ation on the s upply c hain? How has radio frequenc y identific ation (RFID) tec hnology affec ted the s upply c hain? W hat is the impac t of res pons ible s ourc ing, environmental s us tainability and the "green" movement on the s upply c hain? W hat effec t are on-demand s oftware and s oftware-as -a-s ervic e (SaaS) produc t offerings having on s upply c hain management? What e ffe ct are on-de mand software and software -as-a-se rv ice (SaaS) product offe rings hav ing on supply chain manage me nt? On-demand and SaaS s oftware offerings have gained mark ets hare in the c us tomer relations hip management (CRM) produc t s pac e and are mak ing in-roads in the enterpris e res ourc e management (ERP) arena. The reas ons why c ompanies are now purc has ing thos e SaaS s olutions rather than traditional on-premis e s oftware s olutions (s uc h as fas ter implementations ) will be the s ame rationale as to why c ompanies will purc has e on-demand/SaaS SCM s ervic es in the future. In fac t, many vendors now offer mature SaaS SCM offerings bec aus e of their efforts with W eb-bas ed elec tronic trading ex c hanges of the pas t; it's jus t a matter of time before c ompanies , their s upply c hain managers and IT s taffers feel c omfortable with a SaaS pac k age. Jus t as with SaaS CRM and ERP, there are important s ec urity , ROI, integration, and pric ing ques tions that the SaaS SCM vendors need to iron out before the s oftware delivery mec hanis m tak es off. Any thing mis s ing? Got a gripe about thes e piec es ? Send us a note with y our additions and omis s ions . © 2013 CXO Media Inc . ticle/pr int/40940 7/7...
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