Supply Chain Management Definition and Solutions

W hat is s upply c hain management w hat does s upply

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Unformatted text preview: t level of s upply c hain flex ibility c an be ac hieved. W hat is s upply c hain management? W hat does s upply c hain s oftware do? W hat is the relations hip between ERP, CRM and SCM? W hat is the goal of s upply c hain management s oftware? W hat is s upply c hain c ollaboration? W hat are the roadbloc k s to ins talling s upply c hain s oftware? W hat is the ex tended s upply c hain? W hat is the impac t of globaliz ation on the s upply c hain? How has radio frequenc y identific ation (RFID) tec hnology affec ted the s upply c hain? W hat is the impac t of res pons ible s ourc ing, environmental s us tainability and the "green" movement on the s upply c hain? W hat effec t are on-demand s oftware and s oftware-as -a-s ervic e (SaaS) produc t offerings having on s upply c hain management? What is supply chain collaboration? Let's look at c ons umer-pac k aged goods for an ex ample of c ollaboration. If there are two c ompanies that have made s upply c hain a hous ehold word, they are W al-Mart and Proc ter & Gamble. Before thes e two c ompanies s tarted c ollaborating bac k in the '80s , retailers s hared very little information with manufac turers . But then the two giants built a s oftware s y s tem that hook ed P&G up to W al-Mart's dis tribution c enters . W hen P&G's produc ts run low at the dis tribution c enters , the s y s tem s ends an automatic alert to P&G to s hip more. In s ome c as es , the s y s tem c ommunic ates down to the individual W al-Mart s tore, allowing P&G monitor the s helves through real-time s atellite link -ups that s end mes s ages to the fac tory whenever a P&G item s woops pas t a s c anner at the regis ter. W ithin the las t c ouple of y ears , the relations hip has ex panded to inc lude radio-frequenc y identific ation (RFID) tec hnologies to gain even more ins ight into ridding ineffic ienc ies in the s upply c hain. W ith this k ind of minute-to-minute information, P&G k nows when to mak e, s hip and dis play more produc ts at the W al-Mart s tores . There's no need to k eep produc ts piled up in warehous es awaiting W al-Mart's c all. Invoic ing and pay ments happen automatic ally too. The s y s tem s aves P&G s o muc h in time, reduc ed inventory and lower order-proc es s ing c os ts that it c an afford to give W al-Mart "low, every day pric es " without putting its elf out of bus ines s . (For more on W al-Mart's s upply c hain, s ee "How W al-Mart Los t Its Tec hnology Edge.") What are the roadblocks to installing supply chain software ? Gaining trus t from your s uppliers and partners . Supply c hain automation is uniquely diffic ult bec aus e its c omplex ity ex tends bey ond a c ompany 's walls . Employ ees will need to c hange the way they work and s o will the people from eac h s upplier that a c ompany adds to its network . Only the larges t and mos t powerful manufa...
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