Supply Chain Management Definition and Solutions

W hat is the ex tended s upply c hain w hat is the

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Unformatted text preview: in s oftware? W hat is the ex tended s upply c hain? W hat is the impac t of globaliz ation on the s upply c hain? How has radio frequenc y identific ation (RFID) tec hnology affec ted the s upply c hain? W hat is the impac t of res pons ible s ourc ing, environmental s us tainability and the "green" movement on the s upply c hain? W hat effec t are on-demand s oftware and s oftware-as -a-s ervic e (SaaS) produc t offerings having on s upply c hain management? What is the re lationship be twe e n ERP, CRM and SCM ? Many SCM applic ations are reliant upon the k ind of information that is s tored ins ide enterpris e res ourc e planning (ERP) s oftware and, in s ome c as es , to s ome c us tomer relations hip management (CRM) pac k ages . Theoretic ally a c ompany c ould as s emble the information it needs to feed the SCM applic ations from legac y s y s tems (for mos t c ompanies this means Ex c el s preads heets s pread out all over the plac e), but it c an be nightmaris h to try to get that information flowing on a fas t, reliable bas is from all the areas of the c ompany . ERP is the battering ram that integrates all that information in a s ingle applic ation, and SCM applic ations benefit from having a s ingle major s ourc e to go to for up-todate information. Mos t CIOs who have tried to ins tall SCM applic ations s ay they are glad they did ERP firs t. They c all the ERP projec ts "putting y our information hous e in order." Of c ours e, ERP is ex pens ive and diffic ult, s o y ou may want to ex plore way s to feed y our SCM applic ations the information they need without doing ERP firs t. Thes e day s , mos t ERP vendors have SCM modules , s o doing an ERP projec t may be a way to k ill two birds with one s tone. In addition, the ris e and importanc e of CRM s y s tems ins ide c ompanies today puts even more pres s ure on a c ompany to integrate all of its enterpris ewide s oftware pac k ages . Companies will need to dec ide if thes e produc ts meet their needs or if they need a more s pec ializ ed s y s tem. Applic ations that s imply automate the logis tic s as pec ts of SCM are les s dependent upon gathering information from around the c ompany , s o they tend to be independent of the ERP dec is ion. But c hanc es are, c ompanies will need to have thes e applic ations c ommunic ate with ERP in s ome fas hion. It's important to pay attention to the s oftware's ability to integrate with the Internet and with ERP applic ations bec aus e the Internet will drive demand for integrated information. For ex ample, if a c ompany wants to build a private webs ite for c ommunic ating with their c us tomers and s uppliers , the c ompany will want to pull information from ERP and s upply c hain applic ations together to pres ent updated information about orders , pay ments , manufac turing s tatus and delivery . What is the goal of installing suppl...
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