Supply Chain Management Definition and Solutions

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Unformatted text preview: lot of the unc ertainty that s upply c hain s y s tems were des igned to eliminate. The good news is that tec hnology c apable of trac k ing ticle/pr int/40940 5/7 1/28/2014 Supply Chain M anag ement Definition and Solutions s hipments throughout the world is getting better. The bad news is that a lot of this tec hnology is s till pretty ex pens ive, that s ome of the plac es a c ompany would want to deploy it don't have the nec es s ary infras truc ture in plac e, and, well, there is n't a piec e of tec hnology out there that c an mak e up for the whim of a Chines e c us toms offic ial. Furthermore, labor c os ts in s ome plac es are s o low that IT automation and monitoring projec ts may add more to c os ts —in terms of s oftware, hardware and s tillprec ious (and unreliable) bandwidth—than they s ave in produc tivity . Henc e, s ome low-tec h or c ommodity produc ts may not be worth monitoring at all until they hit a s hip in a foreign port. In the meantime, the bes t bet for c ompanies is to us e whatever s y s tems they c an to gain as muc h vis ibility into the global s upply c hain as pos s ible. It may be impos s ible to replic ate the jus t in time model on a global s c ale, but by apply ing tec hnology , and by c hoos ing the s upply c hain partners who have the c apability to s hare data with operations , a c ompany c an get many of the benefits of jus t in time while pay ing low foreign pric es . W hat is s upply c hain management? W hat does s upply c hain s oftware do? W hat is the relations hip between ERP, CRM and SCM? W hat is the goal of s upply c hain management s oftware? W hat is s upply c hain c ollaboration? W hat are the roadbloc k s to ins talling s upply c hain s oftware? W hat is the ex tended s upply c hain? W hat is the impac t of globaliz ation on the s upply c hain? How has radio frequenc y identific ation (RFID) tec hnology affec ted the s upply c hain? W hat is the impac t of res pons ible s ourc ing, environmental s us tainability and the "green" movement on the s upply c hain? W hat effec t are on-demand s oftware and s oftware-as -a-s ervic e (SaaS) produc t offerings having on s upply c hain management? How has radio fre que ncy ide ntification (RFID) te chnology affe cte d the supply chain? RFID (radio frequenc y identific ation) tags are es s entially barc odes on s teroids . W hereas barc odes only identify the produc t, RFID tags c an tell what the produc t is , where it has been, when it ex pires — es s entially whatever information a c ompany wis hes to program. RFID tec hnology generates mountains of new data about the loc ation of pallets , c as es , c artons , totes and individual produc ts in the s upply c hain. It produc es oc eans of information about when and where merc handis e is manufac tured, pic k ed, pac k ed and s hipped. It c reates rivers of numbers telling retailers about the ex piration dates of their peris hable items —nu...
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