The next step in netflixs plan to build in greater

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Unformatted text preview: d the company is now nearly 100 percent cloud-based. The next step in Netflix’s plan to build in greater agility was to replace its Oracle SQL database, which managed these massive data stores. “For us, the problem with a central SQL database was that everything was in one place – which is only convenient until it fails,” Cockcroft explains. “And because these databases are expensive, you tend to put everything in there. Then everything fails at once.” Central SQL databases also inhibited the exchange of data around the world – a capability that Netflix needs, since it plans to expand its streaming service to Latin America and the Caribbean by the end of 2011. “SQL databases work best when everything is inside one machine,” says Cockcroft. Another problem with the SQL database, Cockcroft says, is that schema changes required system downtime. “Every two weeks, we’d have at least 10 minutes of downtime to put in the new schema,” he explains. “The limitations of a SQL database impacted our availability and scalability.” It became clear to the Netflix team that the company needed a database that could match the flexibility of the cloud. A NoSQL solution – specifically Apache Cassandra – offered the globally distributed data model Netflix needed, along with the flexibility to create and manage data clusters quickly. To begin the process, Netflix scraped data from Oracle and placed it into Amazon’s SimpleDB distributed database, eventually transitioning that data into Cassandra. (Some data remains in SimpleDB, such as configuration services.) Company Netflix Data Size 50 clusters with over 750 nodes as of March 2013. Business Challenge To maintain high availability of member information and quality of streaming video data for a rapidly growing company, while creating flexibility and agility for Netflix’s technology teams Solution The open-source and scalable Apache Cassandra data platform, which lets Netflix quickly create and manage data clusters and minimize the chance of failures and outages “With “With Cassandra, we get get better business agility, agility, and we don’t have to plan capacity have in advance, we don’t in need need to ask p...
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