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Or adrian cockcroft netflix as of mid 2011 netflix is

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Unformatted text preview: ermission of of other people to build things things for us, and we don’t worry about running out of space running or power.” or Adrian Cockcroft Netflix As of mid-2011, Netflix is using six major applications with Cassandra. Three are currently in production, and three others are in beta and expected to be placed into production soon. The applications include Netflix’s subscriber system, AB testing, and viewing history service (including positions at which members stopped watching a streaming program). Each cluster has a multiple of 12 nodes. In addition to the six clusters for each application in production, Netflix has a shared Cassandra cluster with 12 nodes, used for smaller applications that don’t need their own cluster. Cassandra Creates Business Agility “With Cassandra, we get better business agility,” Cockcroft says. “We don’t have to plan capacity in advance, we don’t need to ask permission of other people to build things for us, and we don’t worry about running out of space or power.” This agility is a tremendous boon to a company that plans to expand its worldwide reach. “I can create a Cassandra cluster in any region of the world in 10 minutes,” says Cockcroft. “When the marketing guys decide we want to move into a certain part of the world, we’re ready.” The regular downtime that needed to occur with SQL is no longer necessary. “There are no schema to change in Cassandra, therefore, there’s no downtime,” Cockcroft says. In addition, latency is roughly the same for Cassandra as it was for Oracle – a few milliseconds for simple queries. Cassandra does require a bit more management, Cockcroft says, but the benefits outweigh the negatives. “You have many different systems instead of one system,” Cockcroft explains. “However, they tend to break at different times, so you’re losing small pieces of the system, rather than the whole system at once. Also, each store is simpler to administer.” Cassandra’s open-source model adds to its flexibility for Netflix. “We...
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