It denes a set of basic rbac elements ie user

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Unformatted text preview: types –  Mutually exclusive roles (U à༎ R and R à༎ P) •  User to only one role in set, permission to only one role •  ImplicaIon – users with different roles have no shared permissions –  Cardinality – maximum number users assigned to role, maximum number of roles permijed a user, maximum number of permissions to a role –  Prerequisite – can assign role only if already assigned prerequisite role •  Idea is to support least privilege…if role R1 inherits from R2 and R3, then if only R2 or R3 rights are needed, those roles can be used •  Remember, no hierarchies in RBAC2 RBAC3 – Consolidated Model NIST RBAC Standard Two Main Parts - - RBAC Reference Models - - Requirement SpecificaIon Four Components - - Core RBAC - - Hierarchical RBAC - - - Limited Hierarchies - - - General Hierarchies - - StaIc SeparaIon of Duty RelaIons - - - Without Hierarchies - - - With Hierarchies - - Dynamic SeparaIon of Duty RelaIons RBAC Reference Model •  The standard begins with an RBAC Reference Model defining a collecIon of model components. •  It defines a set of basic RBAC elements (i.e. user, roles, permissions, operaIons, and objects) and relaIons as types and funcIons that are included in this standard. •  It serves two purposes: –  It rigorously defines the scope of RBAC features that are included in the standard. •  This covers the core set of features to be encompassed in all RBAC systems, aspects of role hierarchies, aspects of staIc constraint relaIons, and aspects of dynamic constraint relaIons. –  It provides a precise and consistent language, in terms of element sets and funcIons for use in defining the funcIonal specificaI...
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