Consider if c is intersecbon of two suciently large

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Unformatted text preview: financial aid –  Number of employees living in Tolono with salaries > $100,000 •  Repeated queries can reveal salary of single Tolono- based employee, without specifying the employee –  In general, systems will refuse to provide staBsBcs if set is “too small” •  Less than k% of n items •  k <= sizeof query set <= N - k 28 Inference Channel Defense against Inference Channels •  Database Design –  AnBcipate and build into design features that defeat inference •  Split table into mulBple tables •  Finer grain access control •  How would the inference just shown be defeated? •  At Bme- of- query –  Really hard, requires history of past queries and results StaBsBcal Database •  Provides staBsBcal data, e.g., counts and averages •  Comes up in two contexts –  Pure staBsBcal DB –only staBsBcal info, e.g. census –  General DB, with staBsBcal funcBons...
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