How are keys stored and retrieved what happens when

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Unformatted text preview: ample, (Sex=Male)^(SAT<620 v GP<3.0) In pictures CharacterisBc funcBon : selects rows as funcBon of aMribute values in columns, Example, (Sex=Male)^(SAT<620 v GP<3.0) StaBsBcal queries r.e. numeric evaluaBon of # rows In pictures # unique possible values Example StaBsBc funcBons ProtecBon •  Databases will oXen refuse to give answers to queries if the number of records involved are too small •  Enough? Inference Problem •  Determine confidenBal informaBon about individual enBBes represented in SDB •  e.g., Compute the president's salary 39 Query Size RestricBon Previous example shows danger of basing staBsBcs on query set that is too large SomeBmes a limitaBon is given that bounds from both sides. q( c ) permiMed only if...
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