Resource may be a table a database a funcbon etc user

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Unformatted text preview: ss Control in the SQL Model •  Don't have to have a single owner of all data –  Can create new table –  Use “Grant” to give others privileges on table •  Can create views to have finer granularity with access control •  Can delegate privilege granBng authority to others Access Control Slides from Lars Olson (Griffiths and Wade) 10 SQL grant Syntax •  grant privilege_list on resource to user_list; •  Privileges include select, insert, etc. •  Resource may be a table, a database, a funcBon, etc. •  User list may be individual users, or may be a user group 11 Griffiths Wade 76 Example ApplicaBon •  Alice owns a database table of company employees: name varchar(50), ssn int, salary int, email varchar(50) •  Some informaBon (ssn, salary) should be confidenBal, others can be viewed by any employee. 12 Simple Access Control Rules •  Suppose Bob needs access to the whole table (but doesn’t need to make changes): grant select on employee to bob; •  Suppose Carol is another employee, who should only access public informaBon: grant select(name,email) on employee to carol; –  not implemented in PostgreSQL (see next two slides for how to wo...
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