User must provide passphrase on registrabon given

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Unformatted text preview: k <= | X( C ) | <= N – k For some k… Obvious limitaBons And does not enBrely solve the problem… Tracker AMack LimitaBons on query sizes can someBmes be circumvented. Problem : for a characterisBc funcBon C, is count( C ) = 1? Consider if C is intersecBon of two sufficiently large (and small!) sets C1 and C2 Count( C ) = count(C1) – count( C1 ^ ~C2) Possible controls •  Concealing –  Introduce slight random perturbaBons to the results –  Trading precision for security •  Make query over random sample •  Suppress mulBple results –  Not just results that are too small, but some addiBonal results –  Thwart track...
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