Carol and we allow them to update their e mail

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Unformatted text preview: rk around this) –  not implemented for select in Oracle –  implemented in MySQL 13 CreaBng Views •  Careful with definiBons! –  A subset of the database to which a user has access, or: –  A virtual table created as a “shortcut” query of other tables •  View syntax: create view view_name as query_definition; •  Querying views is nearly idenBcal to querying regular tables 14 View- Based Access Control •  AlternaBve method to grant Carol access to name and email columns: create view employee_public as select name,email from employee; grant select on employee_public to carol; 15 Row- Level Access Control •  Suppose we also allow employees to view their own ssn, salary: create view employee_Carol as select * from employee where name='Carol'; grant select on employee_Carol to carol; •  And we allow them to update their e- mail addresses:...
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